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Marv Albert

Skeletons In The Closet

Albert's days in the limelight were numbered as a dark cloud would overshadow his accomplishments. In 1997 Vanessa Perhach accused him of assault and battery. Albert vehemently denied the charges. Formal charges of assault and battery were entered against Albert. His defense was that this woman was upset because he was attempting to break off his ten-year affair with her. Many of Albert's fetishes, such as wearing women's lingerie, came out at the trial.

Apparently Perhach had pursued similar accusations with other men who attempted to break up with her as well, but that information was not allowed in the trial. Albert wanted to save face before any more skeletons came tumbling out of his closet. On September 25, 1997 he entered a plea bargain of guilty to the misdemeanor of assault and battery. He never had to serve time in jail, but was court ordered to attend therapy to ensure he addressed the serious sexual issues he had.

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