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Tim Brown

Hall Of Fame Bound

During a Monday Night Football game on December 2, 2002, Brown become only the third player in NFL history to surpass 1000 catches. It was an appropriate national spotlight for this milestone, as he joined Raiders teammate Jerry Rice, who has over 1400 receptions, and Miami's Cris Carter. When he made the famous catch, the game was stopped and a brief celebration took place on the field.

Trailing 10-6, Brown's momentous [1,000th career] 6-yard catch across the middle set up the Raiders' first touchdown, a 26-yard pass from Rich Gannon to Jerry Rice. Was it the kind of catch Brown dreamed it would be? "Nah, not at all," he told the San Francisco Chronicle with a laugh. "I was like, 'No, not one this one!' But hey, I'll take it." Brown also reached another milestone that evening. In the second half of the game he surpassed 14,000 yards receiving, moving into second place (again behind Rice, who has over 21,000 career yards).

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