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Jennifer Capriati


1976 Born on March 29 in New York, New York
1981-85 Trains with Jimmy Evert
1985-88 Trains with Rick Macci
1989 Trains with Tom Gullickson
1989 Wins six junior singles titles and two junior doubles titles
1990 Turns professional
1990 Becomes the youngest player ever to reach a professional final
1990 Debuts on the Women's Tennis Association rankings at number 25
1990 Youngest ever semifinalist at the French Open
1990 Youngest ever seed at Wimbledon
1990 Wins first singles title in Puerto Rico
1990 Finishes season ranked number eight and becomes youngest ever player to be ranked in the top ten
1991 Youngest ever semifinalist at Wimbledon
1991 Reaches semifinals at U.S. Open
1991 Finishes season ranked number six
1992 Reaches three Grand Slam quarterfinals
1992 Wins Gold Medal at Olympic Games
1992 Becomes the youngest player to surpass the million-dollar mark in career prize money at age 16
1992 Finishes third season ranked number seven
1993 Drops off of the Women's Tennis Association tour to finish high school
1993 Receives police citation for shoplifting
1994 Arrested in Coral Gables, Florida for possession of marijuana
1994 Enters drug rehabilitation program in Miami Beach, Florida for 28 days
1994 Plays one tournament and loses in the first round
1995 Parents divorce
1996 Returns to the Women's Tennis Association tour
1996 Finishes year ranked number 24
1997 Finishes year ranked number 66
1998 Finishes year ranked number 101
1999 Wins first title in six years in Strasbourg, Germany
1999 Finishes season ranked number 23
2000 Reaches first Grand Slam quarterfinal in nine years at the Australian Open
2000 Finishes season ranked number 14
2001 Wins first Grand Slam title at the Australian Open
2001 Reaches number one ranking for the first time
2001 Wins second Grand Slam title at the French Open
2001 Ends season with over 50 wins for the first time
2001 Finishes season ranked number two
2002 Wins third Grand Slam title at the Australian Open
2002 Reaches the semifinals at the French Open
2002 Reaches the quarterfinals at Wimbledon and the U.S. Open
2002 Finishes season ranked number three

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