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Jennifer Capriati Biography

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American tennis player

Jennifer Capriati took the tennis world by storm in 1990 when she became the youngest player to ever reach a final of a professional tennis tournament just shy of her fourteenth birthday. She was the youngest ever player to reach the semifinals of the major tournaments and the youngest ever player to be ranked in the top ten. Capriati's initial success, however, was short-lived. The rebellious teenager quit tennis at age 17. After battling drugs, legal problems, and her parents' divorce, a more mature Capriati returned to the tennis scene in 1996 at age 20. By 2001 Capriati dominated women's tennis, winning two Grand Slam titles and reaching the number one ranking. Capriati added a third Grand Slam title to her career in 2002 and she continues to be a leading player in women's tennis.


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Sketch by Janet P. Stamatel

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