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Don Carter

Where Is He Now?

After Carter retired in the early 1970s, he could no longer bowl because of his bad knees but did stay in the business side of bowling. He owned several alleys in St. Louis and other cities, and later founded, with partners, Don Carter Bowling Centers. Located in several states in the sun belt, there were fourteen centers by the mid-1990s. Though the company had problems in the late 1990s, it was reorganized and seven Don Carter Bowling Centers remained by 2002. At one time, Carter also had his own line of bowling apparel, gloves, shirts, and slacks.

Carter retired to Miami, Florida, with his third wife, Paula, and pursued hobbies like golfing and painting. He had knee replacement surgeries in the early 1990s, and began bowling in a scratch league in 1993. Carter then occasionally competed in pro-am bowling tournaments, including the Palm Beach Senior Classic as part of the Professional Bowlers Association Senior Tour in 1994. With wife Paula, Carter also brought Women's Intentional Bowling Council events to south Florida. Outside of bowling, Carter was involved in charity work, especially concerning children that had been abused and neglected.

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