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Alexander Cartwright Biography

Formed First Recognized Baseball Team, Spread The Rules Of The Game, Chronology, Awards And Accomplishments


American baseball pioneer

Ask baseball fans the name of their sport's founder, and most will answer "Abner Doubleday." Yet it was not the Civil War general who laid down the groundwork for America's most popular game. The man who did perhaps the most to formalize and codify modern baseball was one Alexander Cartwright, a New York City banker. Neither Cartwright nor Doubleday can truly be credited with inventing baseball—which traces its roots back to a centuries-old English children's game known as "rounders"—yet it was Cartwright who founded the first official baseball club, the Knickerbockers, in 1845, and who published the first set of formal rules for the game in September of that year.

Sketch by Wendy Kagan

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