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Roger Clemens

Man Of Controversy

It was also a performance that helped propel the 1990 Red Sox to the American League East title and a shot at making the World Series. Only the Oakland Athletics stood in their way. The series did not go well for Boston or Clemens. Boston lost the first three games. Clemens started the must-win fourth game. Down 2-0, in the second inning, Clemens was thrown out of the game by home plate umpire Gerry Cooney, after Cooney claimed that Clemens swore at him. In front of a national television audience Clemens lost his temper, had to be restrained, and was carried off the field. The Red Sox went on to lose the game and Clemens received a five-game suspension and a $10,000 fine. The incident only added to Clemens's growing legend as a fierce competitor to some, and spoiled prima donna to others. "Who is Roger Clemens—a hothead who boiled over in the playoffs or an overgrown kid driven by obsessions?" asked Sports Illustrated's previously enraptured Leigh Montville.

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