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Roger Clemens Biography

Child Of The Heartland, Early Prodigy, Work Ethic, Chronology, Boston Bound, Career CrisisCONTACT INFORMATION, SELECTED WRITINGS BY CLEMENS:


American baseball player

His native talents alone would have been enough to make Roger Clemens one of baseball's greats. His six foot four, two hundred and twenty-pound frame is capable of hurling a baseball at speeds approaching one hundred miles per hour. His split-finger fastball—only eight miles per hour—dives away as it reaches the plate, confounding the baseball's best hitters. Oakland Athletics outfielder Rickey Henderson described the experience of facing Roger Clemens's fastball to the Providence Journal as being, "as difficult to hit as a marble shot out of a cannon." But add to these natural gifts a phenomenal work ethic, obsessive drive, and profound focus, and Roger Clemens may just possess the combination of qualities to propel him to the top as the greatest pitcher in baseball history.


Address: Roger Clemens, c/o Major League Baseball, 75 Ninth Ave., New York, NY 10011. Fax: (212) 485-3456. Phone: (212) 485-3182.


(With Peter Gammons) Rocket Man: The Roger Clemens Story, S. Greene Press, 1987.

Sketch by Gordon Churchwell

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