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Derrick Coleman

New Start In Philadelphia

Coleman was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers in 1995, and the season got off to a slow start. Coleman, while maintaining a great respect for the game, seemed to disdain practicing as somehow beneath him. During his last months with the New Jersey team, he was misdiagnosed with a heart ailment and had to sit out two months of the season. He gained weight during his time off the court, and when he got to Philadelphia, he rushed into play before he was back in shape. This anxiousness to get back in the game led to a sprained ankle and more time on the bench.

While 76ers coach John Lucas admired Coleman's talent, he also hated the attitude. He told the Sporting News, "I told [Coleman] no one wanted him any more. I told him if he was unhappy and wanted to get out of Philadelphia, he needed to play to earn back the respect that he thought he deserved." Coleman took Lucas's advice and made the most of ownership and coaching changes on the team to work hard during the next two seasons. Things seemed to be improving for the forward, and in 1998 Coleman signed a five-year, $40 million contract to play with the Charlotte Hornets.

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