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Jimmy Connors Biography

Molded By His Mother To Become A Champion, Became A Grand Slam Champion, Chronology, "bad Boy" Of American TennisCONTACT INFORMATION, SELECTED WRITINGS BY CONNORS:


American tennis player

Jimmy Connors, has been one of the most recognizable American tennis players for four decades. The left-handed player was known for his two-handed backhand and powerful return-of-serve which helped him win eight Grand Slam championships. In particular, Connors won the U.S. Open championship five times and he is the only player to win this tournament on three different surfaces—grass, clay, and hard court. Connors is the all-time male leader in tournament wins with 109. He also held the number one ranking in men's tennis for a record 160 weeks from 1974 until 1977. Aside from these accomplishments, Connors was known for his emotional outbursts on the court. Connors claimed that his on-court antics added flavor and entertainment to the sport, but his critics considered his actions classless. Whether he was loved or hated by the fans or the media, Connors's passion for the sport brought fans, press, and sponsors to the game of tennis. Connors played professional tennis past his 40th birthday and then he started the Champions Tour for male players over thirty-five years old.


Address: Tennis Management Inc., 109 Red Fox Rd, Belleville, IL 62223-2242.


(With Neil Gordon). Don't Count Yourself Out. Staying Fit After 35, Hyperion, 1992.

Sketch by Janet P. Stamatel

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