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Dallas Cowboy Tickets

How to Find the Best Deals on Dallas Cowboys Tickets

The Dallas Cowboys are the hottest ticket in Texas, no doubt about it. America’s team is nowhere loved as deeply as they are in their home state, where every game is sold out well in advance. Walking to the box office on game day hoping for a ticket to see the Dallas Cowboys will yield disappointment. But that doesn’t mean that ducats cannot be had for individual games, even the week of some games. They are mainly sold by season ticket holders who do not plan to attend every game, and are available primarily through the ticket brokers discussed below. If you are in search of Dallas Cowboys tickets, here is an overview of how to find them.

Let’s start with season tickets. There are four basic levels of seating at Cowboys Stadium and the prices for Dallas Cowboys tickets vary, based on the seats proximity to the field, and other amenities like parking passes and access to lounges and plaza areas. All season ticket packages include a one-time seat option – you’re paying for the right to become a season ticket holder! This payment can be spread out over 29 years, or paid up front, your only two options. The premium seats, and the highest priced tickets for the Dallas Cowboys, are called Founders All Access seats. Amenities include first dibs on 2011 Super Bowl tickets and access to the Founder’s Club, VIP parking, and larger, padded seats. The seat option is a mere $150,000, while the yearly tab for Dallas Cowboys tickets is $3,400. The next best seats are called Club seats, with one-time seat options ranging from $16,000 to $50,000, and annual tickets going for $3,400.

Loge seating is the third choice, with a seat option of $12,000 and season Dallas Cowboys tickets costing $1,250. The worst seats, reserved seats, still offer great views of the game, since there really isn’t a bad seat in the house. Tickets to the Dallas Cowboys that are in reserved sections come with a seat option from $2,000 to $5,000. The seats themselves range in price from $790 to $1,250.

If you want a season ticket package without paying the seat option, try finding them at after-market broker sites that sell Dallas Cowboys tickets. These packages do not come with the right to be a season ticket holder. That option is available only through the Dallas Cowboys ticket office. The most common names in the ticket brokering business are Stub Hub, Ticket Liquidators, and RazorGator. Shopping with them, you’ll find they offer a surprisingly good variety of options for a ticket that is in such high demand. They are also the best choice to find the widest range of tickets for individual Dallas Cowboys games, with prices based on demand. You may be able to get individual reserved seats for under $50 to some games, while the best Dallas Cowboys tickets for the best games cost well into the thousands of dollars.

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