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Golf Courses Las Vegas

How to choose golf courses in Las Vegas

Though Las Vegas doesn’t look like the lush, green city that would provide a bevy of golf course options, visitors will be glad to know that a number of high quality options exist. Because of all of the tourist traffic the city receives, the resorts have a vested interest in keeping up top notch golf courses in Las Vegas. When you are in Sin City for a trip, choosing the right course can be somewhat difficult. There are price considerations, quality considerations, and time issues at play. If you want to choose from among the top golf courses in Las Vegas, you will need to know what to look for.

How much money are you looking to spend?
Some golf courses in Las Vegas cost much more than others, so you’ll need to take money into account. If you are looking to play at the Wynn Course, for instance, you will need to fork out almost $500 in greens fees and cart fees. Some people have this kind of cash to spend, while others are looking for a more reasonable option. Understand that many of the best golf courses in Las Vegas are not associated with the hotel properties, so be prepared to look outside of the major resorts to find golf. Some of the better affordable options in Las Vegas include:

  • Bali Hai Golf Club
  • Siena Golf Club
  • Boulder Creek Golf Club

Going for quality
If you want the absolute best golf experience in Las Vegas, then prepare to spend a little bit of money. Don’t bite on just the big names, though. Some of the best courses in the city are a bit under the radar. Paiute Resort has two of the best courses in the world, and many people enjoying playing both the Wolf Course and the Snow Mountain Course. The Revere Golf Club is also known for its quality, as it features two distinct courses, as well. Don’t think that you have to play the course at the Wynn to get quality golf in Las Vegas. There are golf courses in Las Vegas that can provide high quality without all the hassle.

How far are you willing to drive?
Many of the best golf courses in Las Vegas requires individuals to spend a bit of time driving. This is something that you will have to determine for yourself. Are you ready to drive out to Lake Las Vegas or would you like to stay closer to the Strip? If you don’t mind spending thirty minutes in the car, Lake Las Vegas has some excellent golf, combined with awesome views. Reflection Bay and the Falls Golf Club are both world class courses located right on the lake, so you can expect to play some spectacular holes.

If you are trying to stay closer to the Strip, then Desert Pines Golf Club or the Bear’s Best Golf Club are probably better options for you. In the end, it comes down to your trip preferences, and what type of experience you are looking for.

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