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Green Bay Packer Tickets

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NFL tickets are never the easiest tickets to acquire. Even if you have the money, the big ticket outlets often do not have any available. The most difficult tickets to come by are those for the Green Bay Packers. Season tickets for Lambeau Field have been sold out continuously since 1960. Their waiting list for tickets is legendary. People have died of old age before they have reached the top of the waiting list. A separate list is maintained for regular club seats and for private suites, but most people can’t afford the private suites anyway.

One of the few ways of getting Green Bay Packer tickets is by using the NFL.com ticket exchange sponsored by Ticketmaster. Seats are guaranteed for buyers and sellers never have to handle ticket delivery or worry about deadbeat buyers who never pay. Season ticket holders also never have to worry that they are violating the terms of their service.

Besides the official NFL.com ticket exchange, Green Bay Packer tickets are often on sale from season ticket holders on various other ticket exchange web sites. Great deals can be found at some of these websites for tickets. Currently, for the 2010 season, tickets are as low as $40 for pre-season with the Browns. Hard-to-find tickets are also available, but a premium price is being asked for them. The current top-priced ticket available is $27,648 for Suite 6033 when the Vikings are visiting on October 24. Most of these sites are 100% safe and guaranteed.

The Green Bay Packers were first organized in 1919 by Curly Lambeau and George Calhoun. At the time, they were only casually interested in forming a team, but the idea grew on them. One of their first actions in organizing the team was asking the company Lambeau worked for as a shipping clerk to sponsor the team by buying the jerseys. That first sponsor was the Indian Packing Company. Thus was born the name of the Packers.

The Green Bay Packers first season was successful in that they went 10 – 1 against local teams from Wisconsin and Michigan. Money was always an issue for the team and players. Green Bay Packers tickets weren’t even sold for the first season. Tips were placed in a hat and passed around the spectators who were forced to stand because the team had no money for bleachers. In 1921, Lambeau got the packing company to buy the team a franchise in the new pro league. It didn’t work out, and the plant had to back out of further sponsorship.

Lambeau found new sponsors the following the year, but again, the team just couldn’t make any money. The community fell in love the team, however, and A.B. Turnbull of the Green Bay Press-Gazette put up a guarantee. He then found other businessmen to bring into the franchise, turning it into the Green Bay Football Corporation. Green Bay Packer tickets began to sell, but another round of funding was needed in 1934. Since then, the team has remained profitable and grew in popularity to acquire fans all over the country.

The Green Bay Packers today remain the only publicly owned and traded sports franchise in the country. Safeguards have been placed to keep any one person from owning a controlling interest. It was started as a team for the fans and so it remains now. In the 1960’s coach Vince Lombardi headed the team to 5 championships in seven years, plus the first two Super Bowls. Since that time, the Super Bowl Trophy has been named for this legendary Packers coach.

While Green Bay Packer tickets may not be the easiest to find, they are out there and waiting on one of many online ticket exchanges.

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