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Hockey Trade Rumors

Hockey Trade RumorsThe Premier Website for NHL Rumors and News

If there’s one thing that hockey fans love to do when they’re not at a game or drinking a cold one while watching the game at the local sports bar is gossip. NHL fans, like fans of any other sport, love to be well-informed. This often means having insider information, and there is no bigger information than a trade. Hockey Trade Rumors is online hockey news magazine dedicated to and constructed by the biggest fans the league has got.

HTR is one of the biggest and most informative websites about hockey that exists today, and it’s not all about the rumors. The website is packed with hard information and stats about every team and every player on that team. Visitors can browse by player alphabetically by clicking the letter-links along the top, or they can browse by team, clicking the links along the left. Also provided are quick links for the Canadians, providing a fast way to get to rumors about the Maple Leafs, Canadiens, and the Canucks. Also among the quick links are free agent listings for the current year and free agent news.

Then, of course, there are the hockey trade rumors. Clicking the link takes you to each rumor available listed by date, giving the full report and the source. From the rumors page, fans can easily reach the NHL trade tracker and the top 20 NHL contracts.

If it’s not hockey trade rumors you’re looking for, HTR has also got the news. Every piece of news runs down the center of the home page with links to some of the older articles. Scrolling down, fans come to other interesting information along the way, like links to the NHL first round pick history by year for the past 40 years. Featured player news runs along the right side of the site.

The best part about Hockey Trade Rumors is that you can sign up for an account absolutely free of charge. Registering gives fans the ability to comment on any news story or rumor. Additionally, registering gives users the privilege of being able to submit their own official rumors and join an extensive forum for some of the most heated discussions on the web.

Other features of Hockey Trade Rumors includes hockey quizzes so users can see just how much they really know, extensive archives, and links to some of the other great sites for the NHL.

Hockey Trade Rumors began in 1996 by the current owner/administrator, known both as Micah and TradeMan as an outlet for NHL fans to talk about what they love most. He is currently helped only by his Vice-Administrator, Marco Normandin.

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