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Mario Andretti - Where Is He Now?

racing owns board pennsylvania

Although Andretti no longer drives racecars, he is still involved in the sport of racing. In 2002 he joined the board of directors for Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART). He has also been a spokesperson for improving safety standards in racing. Outside of racing, Andretti has a number of business ventures. He is vice chairman of the board of Andretti Wines in Napa Valley, California. He owns several Texaco and Shell gas stations in the Bay Area that feature his "Winning Finish" and "Quick Pit" logos. He also owns Andretti Toyota and Andretti Mitsubishi in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania and a chain of Andretti Hanna Carwashes in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Additionally he owns Andretti Signature Line, which sells Andretti apparel, books, and collectibles. In 1998 Andretti participated in the creation of an IMAX film called Super Speedway.

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