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Dorothy Hamill Biography - Begins Skating, Develops The Hamill Camel, Chronology, Wins Olympic Gold, Turns Professional As A Skater - SELECTED WRITINGS BY HAMILL:

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American figure skater

In the mid-1970s, American figure skater Dorothy Hamill was the leader in her field, capping her success with a gold medal at the 1976 Winter Olympics. She was known for her signature "Hamill camel" and wedge/bob haircut which started a fashion craze. After the Olympics, Hamill turned professional, skating in shows and professional events, and later owning the Ice Capades. As a skater, her style balanced athleticism and grace, and she was a dominant freestyle specialist.

Hamill was born on July 26, 1956, in Chicago, Illinois (some sources say Riverside, Colorado, or Riverside, Connecticut), the youngest of three children born to Chambers and Carol Hamill. Hamill was raised in Greenwich, Connecticut, where her father was an executive at Pitney Bowes Company.


(With Elva Clairmont) Dorothy Hamill On and Off the Ice, A. A. Knopf, 1983.

Sketch by A. Petruso

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