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Scott Hamilton Biography - Finding His Place In The Rink, Leaping To Gold, Chronology, Overcoming Another Obstacle, Awards And Accomplishments

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American figure skater

Scott Hamilton has experienced the highs and lows of life—from a debilitating childhood disease, to the glory of an Olympic gold medal, to the devastating diagnosis of cancer. Through it all, he has remained a beloved fixture on the figure-skating circuit, an ambassador for his sport, and an inspiration to people facing health crises.

Born in Toledo, Ohio, Scott Scovell Hamilton was adopted at age six weeks by Ernie and Dorothy Hamilton of Bowling Green, Ohio. The little boy completed the family that included one older daughter and another adopted son, but over time the Hamiltons, both college instructors, began to notice that their toddler was not thriving. A series of tests showed that the child was not absorbing food nutrients, stunting his growth. He was prescribed different diets and treatments, none of which improved his condition. When Scott was eight, doctors handed the Hamiltons the frightening news that the boy had cystic fibrosis; that, like other diagnoses over the years, was incorrect.

Scott Hamilton

Sketch by Susan Salter

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