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Brett Hull Biography - Son Of Hockey Legend, Signs With The Calgary Flames, Builds Popularity Of The St. Louis Blues

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Canadian hockey player

Son of hockey legend Bobby Hull, Brett Hull has carved out his own place in the sport's history books alongside his father. Although he was criticized early in his career for being a one-dimensional player who could score goals but do little else on the ice, Hull grew into an impressive all-around player who adapted his game to help his teams win. One of the ten leading all-time scorers in the National Hockey League (NHL), Hull played on the Stanley Cup-winning teams of the Dallas Stars in 1999 and the Detroit Red Wings in 2002. One of the more vibrant personalities in the NHL, Hull was also popular with hockey audiences for his outspoken comments on the sport. As he related to Jennifer Floyd of the Hockey Digest in 2001, "[The fans] are the most important part of the game. Without them, there is no game.… It's not like I [became a fan advocate] to be a pain in the [butt] to the league or to the organizations I played for. I did it because I loved the game."

Brett Hull

Sketch by Timothy Borden

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