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John Madden - Began Coaching Career

california record education degree

Though Madden's professional playing career was over, he did not leave football. He returned to California Polytechnic to earn a master's degree in education. It was at California Polytechnic that Madden met his future wife, Virginia Fields, who was studying for her master's degree and teaching school. They later married and had two sons, Mike and Joe. Madden was also employed as a physical education teacher in Santa Maria, California, and had begun a coaching career on the college level, becoming assistant coach at Allan Hancock Junior College.

In 1962, Madden was promoted to head coach at Hancock, spending two years there. His team posted a record of 12-6 during his tenure as head coach. In 1964, Madden moved on to San Diego State University, working as a defensive coordinator. He spent two years there, and the team had a record of 26-4.

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almost 7 years ago

I am A footballer in Uganda Looking for ascholarship in a college in USA , can you please help me out

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almost 8 years ago

I played football at Allen Hancock College the first year Coach Madden came their as assit. to Al Baldock the head coach. The 1960 team went undefeated that year. I broke three bones in my foot early in the 1960 season and was sidelined most of that season. I enjoyed talking to John Madden on trips to our away games. One memerable trip was to Oceanside CC in southern Californa when I sat beside and conversated with John the whole trip. It was a pleasure to meet and know John Madden as he was a very good coach and person. I know he won't respond to this comment forum but, hope he does read it anyway. He may not even remember me for that matter.

With that being said, I Hope everything is going well with you coach Madden and have a nice Chrismas and New Years.

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about 8 years ago

Knew John Madden & John "Robbie" Robinson 56,57,58 @ Uof O. Met in Psych.101.Had a pop quiz. I flulnked & they copied off me and flunked. WE got a big laughout of it. I was a cheerleader @ Rosebown game 1958. Really nice guys. Loved the UofO beck then. Would love a reply from one of them . Iwas class of '59. I was known as "Cookie" Jacobs.