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John Madden Biography - Played College Football, Began Coaching Career, Became Professional Coach, Chronology, Awards And Accomplishments - Drafted by the Eagles, CONTACT INFORMATION

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John Madden


American football coach

Although John Madden became known as a great analyst and broadcaster for NFL (National Football League) games on the CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System), Fox, and ABC (American Broadcasting Companies), he began his career as a coach for the AFL (American Football League; later NFL) Oakland Raiders. Madden was a well-respected coach of the Raiders for ten years, winning the Super Bowl in 1977. He was the youngest NFL coach to win a Super Bowl. Madden capitalized on his celebrity by appearing in a number of commercials over the years. He was also known for his famous bus that he traveled in when he refused to fly in 1979.

Madden was born on April 10, 1936, in Austin, Minnesota, the son of Earl and Mary (O'Flaherty) Madden. Madden's father was an auto mechanic who wanted a better life for his family. To that end, he moved them to Daly City, California, in 1942 to get a better job.

Growing up in Daly City, Madden's father encouraged his son's interest in sports. Madden played football, as well as basketball and baseball at Jefferson High School. However, much of his equipment was from castoffs. One job that Madden had in high school was as a golf caddy at the San Francisco Golf Club. It was there that he got the idea that successful people often went to college, and decided that he would be the first person in his family to attend.

Drafted by the Eagles

In 1958, Madden was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 21st round. His one season as a professional player ended when he suffered a knee injury at training camp in 1959.


Address: c/o 1 West 72nd St., New York, NY 10023. Online: allmadden.com.

Sketch by A. Petruso

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almost 7 years ago

Dear Mr. John Madden
My name is Michael Monsanto, im 20 years old im 5 foot 8 inches i weigh 220lbs. I played semi pro football for the Boston Ravens, my dream is to become a professional player in the NFL. Football is in my heart i love it i live it and i need it. My parents are retired and i would be more than honored to help them out in any way possible in terms of financially helping them and any way possible. I intend on making and recording some high lights if myself and its not going too be anything big im a guy whos pretty much struggling. but the skill of football still remains. i played linebacker and corner when i entered the semi pro league at 18 years old. i weighed 190, i started lifting and worked my way up to 220 but i want to go down to 200. my intentions are to just receive some tips, pointers and anything else you can provide. I just want to get better at my craft and a man of your resume and stature can certainly help me out. so with that being said soon lord willing you will be receiving footage of me. Thank you sir Mr. John Madden and godbless

Sincerely Michael Monsanto

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about 4 years ago

I've been an old AFL and Raiders fan since Daryl Lamonical was traded to the Raiders from Buffalo in the early 60's. Some great times! Watched the likes of Joe Kapp, Bud Grant, Marv Levy,Ray Malavasi, Warren Moon, hugh Campbell, Jeff Garcia, Tom Cousineau, Doug Flutie and Swervyn Mervin Fernandez hone their skills in the Canadian Football League. I want the first franchise called "The Madden Cave I" in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The franchises can be named with Roman Numerals just like the Super Bowls. I saw your studio with the big, giant screen that you had as your main game in the center and all the other games on large screens shown around the large screen simultaneously. I think that concept can be a winning formula sports bar franchise. Drop me a line and let's talk about. With technology the way it is there are amazing people I know that can help me make "The Madden Cave" a unique kind of sports bar that can be franchised all over North America. Let's talk.

Registered Trademark Owner of the SCOWL TOWEL

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almost 7 years ago

Dear Mr. Madden,

My son recently made Eagle Scout, and I would appreciate it if you could provide me with your contact information so I can send you the letter. We sent it to the New York address but it was returned. Thank you.
Michael Johnson

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almost 5 years ago

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almost 8 years ago

i have a 1957 sports mag. with a picture of pat summerall getting punche, ajways thought jon madden could have some fun with that ?