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Stan Musial - Chronology

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1920 Born December 20 in Donora, Pennsylvania
1937 Hones opposite-field stroke playing in park with short left field fence
1938 Begins professional career as pitcher for Class D Williamson
1939 Career saved when he is moved to outfield to replace injured player
1941 Makes Major League debut for St. Louis
1942 Leads Cardinals to World Series victory over New York Yankees
1945 Serves in U.S. Navy as ship repairman at Pearl Harbor
1946 Returns to lead league in hitting and take Cardinals to World Series
1948 Leads National League in nine offensive categories
1949 Opens popular St. Louis restaurant
1958 Has last of sixteen consecutive .300 seasons
1962 At age forty-one, plays left field and hits .330
1963 Retires as an active player and gets two hits in final game
1967 Serves as general manager of the St. Louis Cardinals
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almost 7 years ago

Clearly if you were to name the top five best baseball players in major league history, Stan Musial would obviously be one of those five. One of the great hitters ever to play the game, he played the game like it was to be played. Stan never was thrown out of a game, he led the St. Louis Cardinals to three world series in his career and helped put St. Louis, MO as one of the best baseball towns in America.