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Sadaharu Oh - Awards And Accomplishments

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1963 Begins an eight-year streak of hitting over .300
1964 Sets the Japanese record of 55 home runs in a 140-game season
1965-73 Leads Yomiuri Giants to nine straight championships
1972 Sets Japanese record of seven home runs in seven consecutive games
1974 First player in Japanese baseball to hit 600 home runs
1974-75 Wins Triple Crown
1977 Achieves a career high of 124 runs batted in in one year
1978 Breaks Hank Aaron's major-league 755 home runs record
1980 Upon retirement, Oh has a lifetime batting average of .301, 2,786 hits, and 2,170 runs batted in
1994 Is voted into Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame
1999 Fukuoka Daiei Hawks win the Japan Series Championship
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