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Alain Prost - Retired With World Record

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Prost was driving for Ferrari a year later when Senna returned the favor upon their return to Suzuka. Senna deliberately ran Prost off the track going into the first corner of the race, taking the 1990 Championship from him. Prost raced with Ferrari until one race before the end of the 1991 season, when he was fired for publicly criticizing the team. The driver took the 1992 season off, but returned in 1993 to take a seat with Williams-Renault. Prost won the 1993 World Championship, but announced his retirement when Williams announced its intention to sign Senna. Prost cited the politics of F1 as his motivation to quit. "It is full of hypocrisy," he told Sports Illustrated. "You never know if the hand slapping you on the back has a dagger in it."

Prost took home his fourth and final World Championship in 1993, and retired as the winningest F1 driver in history, with a career fifty-one race wins. He held the title until it was broken in 2002 by Michael Schumacher. His long-standing win record is testament to his careful strategies on the track. To this day, the Professor is legendary in F1 as one of the most calculating and cunning drivers in the sport's history.

Where Is He Now?

Prost tested for the 1994 McLaren team, but decided not to race. He appeared as a commentator for French television and represented Renault in an attempt to secure an F1 engine deal for the manufacturer. Unable to sell the Renault engine to an F1 team, Prost quit the company to work as a consultant for McLaren F1 team. During this time, he was trying to organize his own F1 team, and negotiated a deal with Peugeot to build engines for him from 1998-2000. He purchased the Ligier team, renaming it Prost Grand Prix, but the first Prost chassis, which ran in the 1998 season, proved unreliable. By the next year, the Peugeot engine had become to heavy to be competitive, and Prost had another disappointing season. The 2000 season was an outright disaster. The team's relationship with Peugeot had fallen apart, and Prost ended up running with Ferrari engines, which were not successful. In an attempt to keep the team afloat, Prost sold a share of the team. "Prost as a team owner was not in the same league as Prost the driver," according to GrandPrix.com. The team went into liquidation in January 2002.

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