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Kurt Warner Biography - Iowa Roots, Warner, Rams Rise, Chronology, Returns To Super Bowl, Turbulent 2002

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American football player

Kurt Warner went from $5.50-an-hour grocery clerk to National Football League (NFL) and Super Bowl Most Valuable Player. He has won the league MVP twice and competed in two Super Bowls since taking over as St.

Kurt Warner

Louis Rams' quarterback in 1999 following a teammate's injury. Ironically, Warner himself struggled during an injury-riddled and controversial 2002 season that left him with his own job in question—his coach, Mike Martz, said the first-string job may be up for grabs in 2003.

Sketch by Paul Burton

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about 10 years ago

i know there are a lot of people who support kurt but i am not one of them... kurt is my cousin's godfather and i have never seen him really there for her.... the least he could do is call and wish her a happy birthday but he doesn't even do that... he never calls just to say hi or anything and that really makes me mad... i think he should at least try to contact her once and awhile because that would be the considerate thing to do since he is her god father he should have some part in her life... thank you very much for letting me get my word in.