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Ricky Carmichael - The Perfect Year

ama season twenty undefeated

In 2002 Carmichael, riding his new red, number 4 Honda CR250R, defended his 250-cc Supercross championship with eleven overall wins, and he made AMA history in the 250-cc Motocross by winning all twelve events. Not only did he sweep the season, he won every qualifying heat, going twenty-four for twenty-four, giving him a perfect season that can only be matched, but never beaten. "With about three races left I figured I could [finish undefeated]," he told Sports Illustrated. "There really wasn't much pressure. If I did go undefeated, it was a good thing. If not, it was still a good year." In fact, it was a superb year for Carmichael, who married his girlfriend Ursula in the fall of 2002, was once again named the AMA Pro Racing Athlete of the Year, and headlined in THQ, Inc.'s video game, MX Superfly Featuring Ricky Carmichael.

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