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Ricky Carmichael - Life In The Lead

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Carmichael lives in Havana, Florida, and owns 98 acres in Georgia where he has built three practice courses. His success has earned him long lines of fans waiting for his autograph and, including endorsements, up to $5 million a year. Yet Carmichael's complete dominance has just as many fans awaiting his downfall. When he fell twice in the first 250-cc Supercross of the 2003 season, fans erupted in cheers as he fell into last place. Then again, they cheered just as loudly when he miraculously moved back up to fourth place, threatening to find his way back into the lead before the race ended. A superb recovery, but Carmichael races to win and anything short of an outright victory is certainly a defeat.


1979 Born in Clearwater, Florida
1996 Turns professional, riding in 125cc Motocross
1999 Sustains injury; begins racing 250cc Supercross as well as 125cc Motocross
2001 Dominates the field in 250cc Supercross and 250cc Motocross; becomes winningest rider ever in 125cc motocross with 26 overall victories
2002 Marries; has perfect Motocross season, winning every race

Awards and Accomplishments

1996 Named American Motocross Association (AMA) Rookie of the Year
1997 Wins the 125cc National Motocross series with eight overall wins and three podium finishes
1998 Wins the 125cc Mazda Truck Motocross Nationals with eight overall wins and one other podium appearance; wins Eastern Region 125cc Supercross
1999 Wins third consecutive 125cc Motocross championship
2000 Wins 250cc Motocross series championship
2001 Records most wins in one season, fourteen Supercross and eight Motocross; wins both 250cc Supercross and 250cc Motocross championships; named AMA Pro Athlete of the Year
2002 Wins every motocross of the season; wins AMA Supercross championship; named AMA Pro Athlete of the Year; becames all-time winningest rider in AMA history

With McGrath's retirement after the 2002 season, Carmichael is posed to become the next great king of the sport. Just twenty-three years old, Carmichael plans to race for a long time to come; however, Motocross is a dangerous and daring sport that has crushed its number of competitors, some of whom now live life in a wheelchair. But Carmichael is not worried about getting injured. He explained to CNNSI.com, "It's not the crashing but the losing, because when I lose, I'll retire. And that scares me. I've been doing this since I was five years old. What the hell are you going to do next?" With any luck, he won't have to answer that question for several years to come.

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almost 10 years ago

Ricky you the best rider in the world and you shondn't have gone to NASCAR.

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about 10 years ago

ricky you the king even thou you left motocross 2 me you still the best

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over 10 years ago

hi ricky its chris and hayden we r ur biggest fans travis is our brother he is a grade know he brock his arm AT A CLUB DAY

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over 10 years ago

hi ricky i am your number 1 fan my brother travis embery does motorcross he just went a grade

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almost 11 years ago

well Ricky Carmichael you ar the best and i new ya would come the best!!!and your my fav rider!!! and i would love to have your tecnique