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Ty Cobb - Chronology

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1886 Born in Narrows, Georgia
1904 Joins Augusta Tourists of the South Atlantic League
1905 Joins Detroit Tigers
1905 W.H. Cobb is shot to death by Amanda Cobb
1906 Amanda Cobb found innocent of manslaughter
1907 Tigers win the first of three American League pennants
1907-19 Cobb wins 12 American League batting titles
1908 Marries Charlie Marion Lombard
1909 Causes uproar when he spikes Philadelphia's Frank Baker
1910 Cobb's first child, Tyrus Raymond Cobb Jr., born
1912 Enters stands in New York City to attack heckler Claude Lucker
1912 Plays lead in stage play The College Widow
1915 Cobb sets long-standing record of 96 stolen bases in single season
1915 Becomes highest paid player in baseball
1916 Stars in film Somewhere in Georgia
1918 Joins Chemical Warfare Service
1921 Becomes player-manager of Detroit Tigers
1926 Resigns as player and manager
1926 Accused of game-fixing and betting on baseball games
1927 Signs with Philadelphia Athletics
1928 Leaves baseball for good
1936 Becomes first player inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame at Cooperstown
1945 Endows the Cobb Memorial Hospital in Royston, Georgia
1947 Divorces Charlie Cobb
1949 Marries Francis Fairburn
1953 Establishes the Cobb Educational Fund
1955 Divorces Francis Fairburn
1960 Starts working on his autobiography with Al Stumpf
1961 Dies in Atlanta
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over 10 years ago

What about his sons life?