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Ty Cobb - Awards And Accomplishments

league led american bases

1905-27 Stole home 54 times, an all time record; 46 inside-the-park HR, a career AL record
1907 Led American League in RBIs and hits
1907-15, 1917-19 American League batting title
1908 Led American League in triples
1909 Triple Crown, American League, 9 HR, .377 BA, 107 RBI, plus led majors in stolen bases
1911 Chalmers Most Valuable Player Award; batting title, .420 average; led American League in hits, runs, doubles, RBIs, and stolen bases.
1912 Stole home 8 times for a major league record
1915 Led major leagues with 96 stolen bases
1936 First player elected to National Baseball Hall of Fame
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about 9 years ago

ty cobb is a big part in MLB

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over 1 year ago


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about 2 years ago

he is awesome

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about 10 years ago

TY Cobb was the best ever

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about 6 years ago

ty cobb is the best cf ever! his batting ave is outstanding and he had a lot of power considering his career 4th best 724 2b! he played in deadba11 era so his career HR is only 117 but as mentioned before he still had great power. he was extremely fast earning him 46 in the park HR and stealing a total of 897 times, 54 of those times staling home! in the '12 season he stl hm 8 tms! a mlb rcrd!

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about 3 years ago

wath up MLB