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Kelly Clark Biography - Chronology, Awards And Accomplishments, Further Information

1983- American snowboarder American snowboarder Kelly Clark "had such an awesome run," on February 10, 2002, her Olympic teammate Shannon Dunn-Downing told the Washington Post. "She just kept going big. She did a super-nice McTwist … at the end, she just busted out a seven." Translation: Clark won the gold medal in the women's halfpipe competition in the 2…

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Brian Deegan Biography - Awards And Accomplishments, Further Information - Deegan's Impact

1975- American motocross racer Brian Deegan is a champion freestyle motocross (FMX) rider, the gold medal winner of his event at the 2002 Winter X Games. A medalist in each X Games from 1999 to 2002, Deegan is a member of the Metal Mulisha, a team of riders that includes Deegan, Mike Jones and Tommy Clowers. These riders take even extreme games to the extreme, dressing in black leather with spikes…

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Tony Hawk Biography - Skateboard Calmed Him Down, An Outsider In Both Worlds, Masters The Mctwist, Chronology, Awards And Accomplishments - SELECTED WRITINGS BY HAWK:

1968- American skateboarder Tony Hawk is considered one of the greatest skateboarders in the history of the sport. From his first turns on a board at age nine, Hawk has consistently challenged physics, gravity, and his own body by accomplishing astonishing acts on a piece of wood attached to four wheels. The California native was instrumental in the evolution of skateboarding from the preppy recre…

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Kevin Jones Biography - Born In Sacramento, California, Takes Care Of Business, Chronology, Awards And Accomplishments, Further Information - CONTACT INFORMATION

1975- American snowboarder One of the most decorated snowboarders in the history of the sport, Kevin Jones has medaled in all but three of the X Games events he's ever entered, settling for fourth place in big air competition at the Summer X Games of 1999, fifth place in big air at the Winter X Games of 2001, and fourth in slopestyle at the 2002 Winter X Games. An avid skateboarder as a boy…

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Chris Klug - The Business Of Boarding, First Olympic Transplantee, Chronology, Awards And Accomplishments, Related Biography: Engineer Charles Poppen - CONTACT INFORMATION

1972- American snowboarder Extreme athletes like snowboard slalom champion Chris Klug brought a new look and a new rhythm to the Olympics with the introduction of (e)Xtreme sports at Nagano, Japan, in 1998. Without altering the Olympic ideals, the personas of the heroes of the Games were redefined. For Klug, who took the Olympic bronze in 2002, the win was an anticlimax to a life-saving surgery th…

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Dave Mirra Biography - Began Competing, Suffered Injuries, Advent Of The X Games, Chronology, Awards And Accomplishments - CONTACT INFORMATION

1974- American BMX rider American Dave Mirra is a dominant BMX freestyle rider who won a number of extreme sports competitions, winning at least thirteen medals at the X Games, the most of anybody in his sport to date. Nicknamed "Miracle Boy," Mirra has suffered a number of injuries but continues to ride. Mirra was born April 4, 1974, in Syracuse, New York, and grew up in Chittenango…

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Shaun Palmer Biography - Born In San Diego, Starts Mountain Biking In 1995, Chronology, Awards And Accomplishments, Further Information - CONTACT INFORMATION

1968- American extreme athlete Shaun Palmer When it comes to sports, Shaun Palmer likes them extreme. If he doesn't get an adrenaline rush from it, it's not worth doing. He started with skateboarding and snowboarding as a boy and over time has tried his hand—quite successfully, it turns out—at mountain biking and motocross racing. He's had this insatiable …

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Duane Peters Biography - Invented Skateboarding Tricks, Fronts '90s Punk Bands, Chronology, Further Information - Maintains Hardcore Following

1961- American skateboarder Skateboard champion and punk-rock vocalist Duane Peters has been an idol of the underground skate-punk movement for nearly three decades. Known among his fans as the Master of Disaster, Peters is largely credited with pioneering the counterculture that unites skate-boarding and punk music. Skin-headed, missing his two front teeth, and festooned with tattoos and safety-p…

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Rell Sunn Biography - First Competed At Age 14, Inducted Into Surfing Walk Of Fame, Succumbed To 15-year Fight - SELECTED WRITINGS BY SUNN:

1950-1998 American surfer Surfing champion Rell Sunn fought almost single-handedly to grant women access to the sport at a time when it was still very much a male-dominated pursuit, and along the way emerged as one of the top female longboarders in the world. Often compared to Duke Kahanamoku, considered the founder of modern surfing, Sunn was "the modern archetype of the Hawaiian water-wom…

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