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Barbara Jo Rubin Biography - Horses—the Sure Cure, The Quest To Be The First, Into The Winner's Circle

1949- American jockey Barbara Jo Rubin overcame polio as a child and prejudice as an adult to become a pioneer in sports. In 1969 Rubin was a member of the charter class of young women seeking work as professional jockeys—no small accomplishment in Thoroughbred racing, long known as the "sport of kings" and a male-only bastion. In the space of just one year of racing, Rubin ac…

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Willie Shoemaker - Early Challenges, Exceptional Talents, Chronology, Related Biography: Jockey Eddie Arcaro, Setting Records - CONTACT INFORMATION

1931- American jockey In the unlikely role of jockey, Willie Shoemaker became known throughout the world during the course of a phenomenal career. After first entering the winner's circle in 1949, he went on to set record after record. Willie Shoemaker Among these, Shoemaker claimed the highest total purse money among riders ten times and for twenty-nine years had the most wins ever …

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