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Michelle Akers Biography - "girls Don't Play Football", Embarks On Pro Career, Glory At The Rose Bowl - SELECTED WRITINGS BY AKERS:

1966- American soccer player Michelle Akers led the United States to an Olympic gold medal and two World Cup championships in women's soccer, and has drawn acclaim for her successful battle against chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome. "If I hadn't had the illness, I would've thought soccer, trophies, World Cups and scoring goals would've been the best thi…

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Franz Beckenbauer Biography - Joined Bayern As A Teen, First World Cup Final, On Top Of The World, Across The Atlantic

1945- German soccer player Franz Beckenbauer is the only person who has won soccer's World Cup as team captain and as coach. Beckenbauer captained the former West Germany to the championship in 1974, and coached it to the top in 1990. Beckenbauer, who also played for the New York Cosmos when soccer interest in the United States began to rise in the mid-to-late seventies, is now president of…

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Brandi Chastain Biography - Rose Bowl High Drama, Chronology, Awards And Accomplishments, It Went Down To The Wire

1968- American soccer player Brandi Chastain became one of the most recognizable figures in American sports when she scored the winning goal at the Women's World Cup soccer tournament final against China on July 10, 1999. In the excitement following her game-winning kick, Chastain whipped off her jersey, exposing her sports bra (which functions as a bra, but looks more like a suit top). The…

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Luis Hernandez Biography - Soccer Roots In Family, World Cup Standout, North Of The Border, Chronology, One More World Cup

1968- Mexican soccer player Luis Hernandez is Mexico's top all-time scorer in international soccer with 35 goals (having passed Carlos Hermosillo in that category in 2000). He led the Mexicans to one of their best World Cup showings ever in 1998 when he scored four goals in four games, winning for them a berth in the round of 16 and leading them to a near upset of powerhouse Germany. While …

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Alexi Lalas Biography - Plays College Soccer, High Profile Player At World Cup, Played In Italy, Chronology, Played For Mls Team - SELECTED WRITINGS BY LALAS:

1970- American soccer player One of the most recognized American soccer players because of his red hair and trademark goatee, Alexi Lalas contributed to the popularity of the sport in the United States in the 1990s. A defender, Lalas played on the U.S. national team, and professionally for MLS (Major League Soccer) and in Europe for Italy's Serie A, one of Alexi Lalas the best league…

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Diego Maradona Biography - A Star In Europe, Claimed Divine Intervention, Chronology, Fewer Goals, More Acrimony, Contact Information - SELECTED WRITINGS BY MARADONA:

1961- Argentine soccer player During the 1980s, Argentine midfielder Diego Maradona was one of soccer's greatest stars. Over the course of 483 games at the professional level, Maradona scored a record 255 goals, and was regularly hailed as the best living player in the world, second only to Pelé as the sport's most extraordinary talent. Yet Maradona often made unwise statement…

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