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Ken Dryden Biography

Drafted By Boston; Traded To Montreal, Attended Cornell University, Chronology, Called Up By The CanadiensCONTACT INFORMATION


Canadian hockey player

While many consider Ken Dryden to be one of the best goalies who ever played in the National Hockey League (NHL), he was considered odd, even for a goalie (who in hockey circles are often regarded as eccentric individuals), in part because of his intellectual, non-hockey pursuits. While he won five Stanley Cups in the 1970s with the Montreal Canadiens, he also took a year out of his prime playing career to complete the requirements of his law degree. Dryden retired from professional hockey in his early thirties, but later returned to become the president of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Ken Dryden

Dryden was born on August 8, 1947 in Islington, Ontario, Canada, the son of Murray and Margaret Dryden. His father sold bricks and building materials. Both Dryden and his elder brother Dave were goalies. (Dave Dryden also played in the NHL for the Chicago Blackhawks, and completed his education while playing professional hockey.) The brothers had a year round rink at home because their father paved the backyard with asphalt. Because of all the shots that broke glass, the windows of the family home had to boarded up.


Address: c/o Toronto Maple Leafs, Air Canada Centre, 40 Bay St., Suite 400, Toronto, Ontario M4J 2X2 Canada.

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