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Janet Guthrie Biography

A Thirst For Adventure, A Pioneering Racing Career, Few Women Followed Her Lead, ChronologyCONTACT INFORMATION


American race car driver

In 1977, the famous words traditionally spoken at the beginning of motorsport's best known race were changed to "In company with the first lady ever to qualify at Indianapolis—gentlemen, start your engines." The change acknowledged the presence of thirty-nine-yearold Janet Guthrie. Before this historic moment, Guthrie had thirteen years of trailblazing experience in the male-dominated world of sports car racing. With her last major race, a career-best fifth place finish at the Milwaukee 200 in 1979, her career began to wind down. By then, she had earned a distinguished position in women's sports history.


Online: www.janetguthrie.com.

Sketch by Carole Manny

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