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Allen Iverson

Awards And Accomplishments

1995 Big East Rookie of the Year, Big East Defensive Player of the Year, and Big East All Rookie Team
1996 Big East Defensive Player of the Year, First Team All American, and First Team Big East; selected first overall in the National Basketball Association (NBA) draft by the Philadelphia 76ers
1997 NBA Rookie of the Year and All Rookie First Team
1999 First Team All NBA and led the NBA in scoring with 26.8 points per game (ppg)
2000 Second Team All NBA
2000-02 Selected to the NBA All Star Team
2001 NBA Most Valuable Player and First Team All NBA; NBA leader in scoring with 31.1 ppg
2002 NBA leader in scoring (31.4 ppg), steals (2.80 per game), and minutes played (42.7 per game); named to Second Team All NBA

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