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American basketball player

At six-feet, 160 pounds, Allen Iverson is one of the smallest players in the National Basketball Association (NBA). But opposing teams can't stop what they can't see, and by all accounts, Iverson is as fast as they come. His lightening speed, prolific scoring ability, and tough competitiveness took his Philadelphia 76ers to the 2001 NBA championship series. Yet Iverson's image as a hip-hop "bad boy" follows him around like a shadow. Covered in tattoos, dressed in baggy clothes, weighed down by diamonds and gold, and never seen with his hair out of its tightly braided rows, Iverson's unconventional and controversial style is unmatched in the NBA.


Address: Philadelphia 76ers, 1 Corestates Complex, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19148. Phone: (215) 339-7676.

Sketch by Kari Bethel

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over 8 years ago

hi allen iverson. whats up what are you doing me nothing. you are the best player on earth. how do you get all those skills you are so cool. keep shooting those HOOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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over 9 years ago

what up i love you so much i wish you was daddy that how much i love you