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Tom Landry

America's Team

Landry's Cowboys' rise to the top culminated in their first trip to the Super Bowl in 1971. With their loss to the Baltimore Colts, the fans didn't take long to place blame squarely on Landry. Noting his lack of emotion on the sidelines and the Cowboy's recent record of coming up short in big games, the fans lashed out at Landry for his apparent inability to win. Dallas returned to the Super Bowl the following year, and after beating Miami, the memories of previous disappointments vanished. It was a rare occasion when Landry let his happiness show as he was carried off the field by his victorious team with a smile on his face

Landry's teams during the 1970s seemed to be perennial winners and that, along with his growing celebrity, resulted in the tag, "America's Team." After losing the Super Bowl in 1975, the Cowboys were back again in 1977 beating Denver 27-10. They returned once more the following year but lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Cowboys then spent the next three seasons knocking on the door but falling one game short of the Super Bowl.

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