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Joe Louis


1914 Born May 13 in LaFayette, Alabama
1926 Moves to Detroit, Michigan
1932 Fights first amateur boxing bout
1934 Moves in with John Roxborough, asks Roxborough to become his manager
1934 First professional boxing match, July 4
1935 Defeats Italian Primo Carnera, June 25, and becomes media sensation
1935 Marries Marva Trotter, September 24
1935 Defeats Max Baer to become top heavyweight contender, September 24
1936 Loses to German Max Schmeling, June 11
1937 Becomes World Heavyweight Champion, defeating James Braddock on June 22
1938 Defeats Max Schmeling in rematch, June 22, becoming national hero
1942 Enlists in U.S. Army
1945 Enlistment ends in October
1945 Divorces Marva Trotter
1946 Remarries Marva
1949 Divorces Marva
1949 Retires as undefeated World Heavyweight Champion
1950 Loses comeback attempt against new heavyweight champion Ezzard Charles, September 27
1951 Last professional boxing match, loses to Rocky Marciano, October 26
1955 Marries Rose Morgan, a successful beauty shop operator, on December 25
1958 Divorces Rose
1959 Marries attorney Martha Malone Jefferson
1967 Louises adopt a baby boy, naming him Joseph. Apparently, this the child of Joe Louis and a New York City prostitute, identified as "Marie" in Louis' autobiography. Martha would go on to adopt three more of Marie's children, of unknown paternity.
1970 Committed temporarily to Colorado state mental institution
1970 Takes position as greeter at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada
1981 Dies of massive heart attack on April 12

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