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Svetlana Masterkova Biography

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Russian track and field athlete

In 1996 internationally renowned Russian track and field athlete Svetlana Masterkova became the second women ever to win Olympic gold medals in both the

Svetlana Masterkova

1500 and 800 meter runs. Previous to Masterkova, only Tatyana Kazankina had accomplished the same feat, earning her double gold at the Montreal Games 20 years before. Participating in two Olympic games during her career, Masterkova also won numerous world titles and remained well-known in the running world for her ability to overcome numerous setbacks and kick-start her professional career at an age when other runners were contemplating retirement. A strong sprinter, she used her competitive edge to set world records for both the mile and the 1000-meter during her career, both of which were still standing in 2001.


Address: c/o International Olympic Committee, Chateau de Vidy, CH-1007, Lausanne, Switzerland.



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Sketch by Pamela L. Shelton

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