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Reggie Miller - Will Be Remembered As Consistent Shooter

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Will be Remembered as Consistent Shooter

While Miller isn't the most polished player in the NBA, he's certainly one of the toughest and most consistent shooters. During the eleven seasons between 1989-1990 and 1999-2000, Miller averaged between 18.1 points and 24.6 points per game.

Because Miller has consistently put up points throughout his career, he entered the 2002-2003 season tied for 17th place for most career points (22,623) in the NBA. At the start of the season, Miller was sweating it out with players a decade younger, yet he continued to make a difference and electrify fans with his outside shooting. The confident veteran has clearly become one of the game's most well-liked figures—his jersey, after all, sells in the top 10. A player can't get much more popular than that.

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