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Bobby Orr Biography

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Canadian hockey player

Bobby Orr is widely regarded as the greatest defenseman in hockey history. From the time he joined the Boston Bruins at the age of eighteen, Orr revolutionized the way hockey was played. Prior to that time, defensive players had confined themselves to playing defense. They guarded the approaches to the net and cleared the puck from the defensive zone, leaving the scoring to the front line. Orr played the game differently. He kept possession of the puck rather than simply clearing it, and he frequently crossed the blue line to participate in offensive plays. Orr shattered the scoring records for defensemen, and for two seasons he was the leading scorer in the entire National Hockey League (NHL).


(With Dick Grace) Orr on Ice, Prentice-Hall, 1970.

Sketch by Julia Bauder

Where Is He Now?

Bobby Orr continues to live in the Boston area with his wife, Peggy. He works as a player representative and is involved in business ventures, while still occasionally appearing in commercials. Early in 2002, Orr left the sports marketing firm, Woolf Associates, which he had bought in order to start his own firm, the Orr Hockey Group, which represents several NHL players.

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