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Awards And Accomplishments

1956, 1958, 1960-62, 1964-65, 1967-69, 1973 Plays on Sao Paulo state champion team
1957-65, 1969, 1973 Top goal scorer in Sao Paulo league
1958, 1962, 1970 Plays on FIFA World Cup champion team
1959 Top goal scorer in Copa America
1961 Plays in Copa Liberatadores
1962-63 On World Club champion team
1962-65, 1968 On Brazilian Cup winner
1966 Plays in FIFA World Cup
1977 North American Soccer League champion team, Cosmos
1978 International Peace Award
1993 National Soccer Hall of Fame
1999 Athlete of the Century, National Olympic Committee
1999 World Sports Awards
2000 Second place, Sportsman of the Century award

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