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Oscar Robertson Biography

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American basketball player

Oscar Robertson

Oscar Robertson is known as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. A standout at the University of Cincinnati, he went on to become a star National Basketball Association (NBA) player for the Cincinnati Royals (now the Sacramento Kings) and the Milwaukee Bucks, and a co-captain of an Olympic team considered by some to be the greatest group of amateurs ever assembled for the games. Known for his versatility, Robertson is the only professional player to ever accomplish an entire season of triple-doubles—double digits in scoring, rebounds and assists. In addition to his on-court challenges, Robertson, an African American, faced many obstacles his white teammates could have never imagined. Rather than turn his back, however, Robertson became an outspoken advocate for civil rights. He was also active in securing fair treatment of players, serving as president of the NBA players' union for a decade.


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