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Alex Rodriguez

The Lone Ranger

[Rodriguez's $252 million contract] is the symbol of his generation's prosperity and of the game's emphasis on finances. His contract is the smoking gun for disillusioned fans in their case against overpaid ballplayers.

And yet he is also the poster boy for those who cherish the game". According to to Rangers owner Tom Hicks, the man who enriched him: " …Why is it that people want to criticize our best player when he should be celebrated?"

Since Hicks gave him the 10-year contract, Rodriguez has played 298 straight games while hitting .317 with 100 home runs. Moreover, he is the unchallenged team leader who upbraids rookies and veterans alike and is such a baseball junkie that he watches games and highlights until 3 a.m.

Source: Verducci, Tom. Sports Illustrated, September 9, 2002: 34.

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