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Juan Antonio Samaranch - Chronology

Famous Sports StarsOther SportsJuan Antonio Samaranch Biography - Born In Barcelona, Elected President Of Ioc, Chronology, Recruits Corporate Sponsors, Guides Ioc To Financial Success - CONTACT INFORMATION, SELECTED WRITINGS BY SAMARANCH:


1920 Born in Barcelona, Spain, on July 17
1954 Joins Spanish Olympic Committee
1955 Marries Maria Teresa Salisachs
1956 Serves as Spain's chief representative at 1956 Winter Olympics
1960 Serves as Spain's chief representative at 1960 Summer Olympics
1964 Serves as Spain's chief representative at 1964 Summer Olympics
1966 Joins International Olympic Committee (IOC) as member
1967 Elected president of Spanish Olympic Committee
1974-78 Serves as vice president of IOC
1977-80 Serves as Spain's ambassador to Soviet Union and Mongolia
1980 Elected president of IOC
2001 Steps down as president of IOC

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