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Eunice Kennedy Shriver


1920 Born July 10 in Brookline, Massachusetts
1946 Runs Juvenile agency
1960 Eunice's brother, John F. Kennedy presides as president
1961 Works with brother John F. Kennedy to establish Presidential Committee on Mental Retardation
1962 Creates Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Awards in Mental Retardation
1962 Creates the National Institutes for Child Health and Human Development
1963 Runs summer day camp at Timberlawn for mentally retarded
1963 Brother John F. Kennedy is shot and killed
1964 Initiates five-year public information campaign by the National Advertising Council to promote acceptance of people with metal retardation
1964 Influences changes in Civil Services regulations to allow persons with mental retardation to be hired on ability rather than test scores
1968 Helps organize the first international competition for mentally challenged, calling it the Special Olympics
1968 Special Olympics becomes an official nonprofit organization
1969 Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center founded
1970 Summer Special Olympics World Games held for first time in Chicago, IL
1977 First Winter Special Olympics World Games held in Steamboat Springs, CO
1981 Creates "Community of Caring" concept for the reduction of mental retardation among babies of teenagers
1982 Establishes sixteen "Community of Caring" model centers
1999 Home burns down causing over $600,000 worth of damage as well as loss of family heirlooms
2000 Undergoes surgery to remove benign pancreatic tumor
2001 Attends Winter Special Olympics World Games held in Anchorage, AK

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