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Latrell Sprewell Biography

The Back Roads To The Nba, A Tarnished Reputation, Chronology, A New Start In New YorkCONTACT INFORMATION


American basketball player

Latrell Sprewell, a gutsy floor leader, became an unexpected, and at times highly unpopular, star in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He did not play organized basketball until he was a senior in high school, and his college play, although outstanding, drew little recognition. Even after posting stellar numbers as a rookie playing for the Golden State Warriors in 1992, few people knew who he was. That all changed on December 1, 1997 when he twice attacked his coach, P.J. Carlesimo, during practice.


Address: New York Knicks, Two Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, New York 10121. Phone: (212) 465-5867.

Sketch by Kari Bethel

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