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Frank Thomas Biography

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American baseball player

Immense and powerful, at six-feet five-inches tall and somewhere between 250 and 300 pounds (depending on the season), Frank Thomas is a giant menace to opposing pitchers, who start worrying about this powerhouse before he even steps to the plate. Thomas, known as "The Big Hurt" (a nickname that stuck when White Sox broadcaster Ken Harrelson said it in 1992 after watching him crush a home run over 450 feet) is truly one of baseball's great sluggers. Whether he goes by "Frank Thomas" or "The Big Hurt," the names show up time and again when the greatest right-handed batters in the history of baseball are discussed.


Address: Frank Thomas, c/o Chicago White Sox, 333 W. 35th St., Chicago, IL 60616.

Sketch by Eric Lagergren

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