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Gwen Torrence

Competes In Olympics

In 1988, Torrence went to the Olympic Games is Seoul, Korea. She came in fifth in the 100-meter finals and sixth in the 200-meter finals. In 1989, Torrence became pregnant; the pregnancy was difficult, and she was confined to bed for three months. Because of this enforced rest, she lost a great deal of her strength and conditioning. Her son, Manley Waller, Jr., was born late in 1989, and she realized that she had to regain her ability to run.

In 1990, Torrence did not win races, but she kept training, and in 1991, she came in second in the 100 meters and the 200 meters at the world championships. The first-place winner, German runner Katrin Krabbe tested positive for an illegal performance-enhancing drug, but because of a technicality, her medals were not given to Torrence.

Torrence went to the 1992 Olympics, and came in fourth in the 100-meter sprint final. According to Great Women in Sports, Torrence said that she believed some of the other runners had taken performance-enhancing drugs. She didn't accuse anyone by name, but other runners were offended, and in the press, some writers commented that Torrence was simply suffering from a case of "sour grapes" because others had beaten her. Torrence eventually had to make a public apology. Perhaps fueled by anger over this incident, Torrence then won the gold medal in the 200 meters, won another gold in the 4 × 100 relay, and won silver in the 4 × 400 relay.

In 1995, Torrence injured her right hamstring and knee, but continued to train, and won gold medals in the 100 meter and 200 meter at the U.S. outdoor championships. She also won gold in the 100 meters at the world championships. Although she also came in first in the 200 meters, she was disqualified because she stepped on a lane marker.

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