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Vladislav Tretiak

Vladislav Tretiak, Man Of Character

Tretiak went on to earn several more awards, and finally vindicated himself in the 1984 Olympics, reclaiming the Gold. He was the first Soviet hockey player to appear in four Winter Olympics. Tretiak had proven his point, that he was the better goalie. He was satisfied with his career and his accomplishments, so he decided to retire. He still was in great shape and his performance was never better. But he had made his mark and wanted to go gracefully. He also wanted to share his experience with others. Looking at Tretiak's career, it is quite clear he was not only a phenomenal goalie, he was an exceptional human being with great character. Jeff Hackett of the Blackhawks stated, "I feel like I am a better goalie just by working with him," in an interview for the Sporting News. Although he endured a major disappointment with the 1980 Olympic games, he retired walking tall, knowing he was the best person he could be and considered the best goalie in the world.

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