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Vladislav Tretiak Biography

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Russian hockey player

Often called the greatest goaltender of all time, Vladislav Tretiak continues to impact the world of hockey with his words of wisdom and his vast experience.

Vladislav Tretiak

He made his mark in hockey at the tender age of 20 in the 1972 Summit Series, where the Soviets played against the Canadians. He continually crafted his game and became feared in the hockey arena. He had one dark spot on his record, the 1980 Olympic games. It is a memory that haunts and angers him to this day. However, he did not let his anger consume him. He went on to win a gold medal at the 1984 Olympics, retiring afterward. He continues to inspire up and coming goalies through various partnerships with hockey schools in Russia and the United States, as well as the National Hockey League (NHL). With a career punctuated by over ninety medals, a testament to his hockey prowess, Tretiak is perhaps equally well remembered for his character.


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Sketch by Barbara J Smerz

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